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What is it you do?

Account on This is an accounting and money management site that small companies and sole traders can use to manage their business. Features include balancing the books, collating client information, raising invoices, monitoring expenses, inventory, tax calculations, providing Self-Assessment data and much more. All of this is supported by an in-house expert accountant who will sign off your books without without needing to take time out for face to face meetings.

How easy is it to get started?

From the initial activation email, right through to sending your first invoice, we are jargon free and have support teams and extensive user guides to make getting set up as painless as possible.

How much does it cost?

£115 per month. That’s it, no hidden fees or extra charges. And no need for another accountant.

How do you get hold of my bank data?

There is no need to download your statements, our secure link to all the major banks allows us to automatically import your data.

How secure are you?

Our site is encrypted and we use XXXX systems for secure blah blah. We also provide the option of you downloading all your data to save to your own hard drive and/or pen drive if that is what you prefer.

And what if I already have an online account with somebody else?

It is a simple process to switch and we are worth the transfer. Unlike other companies, we offer our own in-house accountants and also simple, jargon-free processes. Our support team will help you understand what data you need to give us.